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Horsemanship Bootcamp

Our Horsemanship Boot Camp Program has been a great experience for folks that want to become better horseman.  The program is for two days. Instructions are based on the Traditional Classical Cavalry style horsemanship; prioritizing safety and usefulness, while being practical with a horse.  Join this program to learn the proper “etiquette” on how to handle a horse.  Everything is covered from the very basics to advanced riding, such as:

  • Ground work – Lunging and Tacking

  • Mounted work – Mount/Dismount, Guiding, Leg Yields, and Seat Aids

  • Obstacles and Trails

We are happy to customize the Boot Camp to your needs and will also provide our own school horses.  You may bring your horse, only if it is one that we have sold.  Our rate for this highly valuable, two-days program, is only $600.00 per person.  Group rates are available upon request.  For more details and availability, please contact us:

Book your appointment with us today!

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