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Our Policy

The following are guidelines that represent our transaction standards. It is our goal to develop a win/win relationship between buyer and seller. Over the years, it has been our experience that the following standards insure a smooth transaction process for all parties concerned:

  • Vet checks and wellness examinations are done at buyers expense at Windy Hill Farm, by a veterinarian agreed upon by both parties. Seller reserves the right for a second opinion.

  • All customers are to provide any safety equipment needed during the inspection of horses at Windy Hill Farm.

  • We do not offer any trials– of any kind.

  • All customers and guests understand completely the hazards involved in the handling of horses and do not hold Windy Hill Farm responsible for any damages thereof. We encourage you to always use good judgment- be safe, don’t make impulsive decisions. Take your time and do it right.

  • In the event a horse is sold not belonging to Windy Hill Farm it is understood, under a brokerage agreement, Windy Hill Farm is just that, a broker. Actual seller and buyer are final responsible parties. All horses for sale belong to Windy Hill Farm, unless otherwise stated.

  • No commissions will be paid to any trainers, unless prior arrangements have been made. Buyers should pay their trainers for their time and knowledge. Please have that worked out before you come to Windy Hill Farm- your trainer works for you, the buyer. Your trainer will be delighted to see you have a horse that you can learn with and enjoy.

  • Registration papers will be held until payment clears and transaction is concluded.

  • All sales are final– all horses are sold as is.

  • Any revisions of these standards must be reflected, in writing, on your bill of sale.


Understand that you are buying a living animal.
Your success is determined upon your horsemanship.


In addition, we do not recognize the Flexion Test as a reliable soundness examination please read this study to help you understand our position:

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