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Hello, on e again riding the WHF brand, made me proud, what a fabolous mare Missy is😍


Captain and I...
He’s my best friend
Scraped his nose on something, he’s so curious. Love this beautiful horse with all my heart. I ride him bareback a lot, we love being together.
I can never thank you enough Ted. He’s my dream horse.


I have to say, I’m truly enjoying this paint gelding I’ve named Shiloh from Ted DeHass (Windy Hill Farm)!! He’s very special and treats me so well! We had a wonderful couple days riding in Shawnee too.


Hi Ted, this is part of our regular ride with our Windy Hill rock stars. That’s Carol on Ringo, Sue on Elvis, and our friend on her brown and white. Can’t beat vermont in the fall.


My 86 year old grandmother on Dallas (a Windy Hill Farm horse!)


This is one of Ted’s horses I got from him 2 years ago. She is a dream like all of his horses.

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