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Welcome to Windy Hill Farm!

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Windy Hill Farm specializes in selling safe, usable horses and ponies to those who appreciate the value of a good horse.  “Enjoy a horse finished by Horsemen!”  Purchase with confidence at Windy Hill Farm.

We have one of the largest selections of safe, usable horses and ponies in the USA.  All of our horses are hand picked, put through a Traditional Classical Horsemanship program, and finished by experienced horseman in a non-forceful way.  We train the horse’s mind first! 

Will trade and ship anywhere! We are grateful to our loyal customers for their confidence in us.


Horses For Sale & Merchandise

At all times, we have many horses for sale that we have no photos or videos on yet, so be sure to E-mail us at: and Call or Text us at: 330-231-7500.


For our Horse For Sale listings, click below:


 Horsemanship Bootcamp

Contact us to book your Horsemanship Boot Camp and plan your visit at our beautiful Farm!

For your all-in-one horsemanship resource, including our complete Horsemanship Merchandise:

Discover our Horsemanship Resources and Education for FREE by subscribing to our YouTube channels: 

Windy Hill Farm and Handy Horseman

Give Ted a call at (330) 231-7500 or email:  for all your horsemanship needs and questions.

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Our Spanish Lucitano Stallion

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